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The satta matka game is a kind of astrological and online betting game played enormously by people with aggressive passion and love. It is a kind of lottery game where players bet on the market to win a big prize against real-money. Almost every young and intermediate player plays online satta on our application called Main Kalyan Matka App.

Want to play a real money matka game online? Download Main Kalyan Matka App which is India #1 Trusted Satta Matka Playing app provides all Matka results like:- Madhur Morning, Milan Day, Kalyan, etc.

Play Online Matka & Win Massive Bonus

Satta Matka is an online gambling game and Indian people are very fond of sports betting and online gambling games like Online Matka play. Matka play involves guessing and intellectuals of the player and if you win, there is no bar restraining against you to win a massive earning. Want to win a massive amount on matka play? Guess what, we’ve just made it simpler for you! Our online matka app is the best bet to start with a satta matka game and help you guess accurately and earn massive points to play online Matka. Download the Main Kalyan online matka app, play your own Matka game and win from the comfort of your home!

How To Play Live Matka On Main Kalyan Matka App?

Anyone can play matka online on our application featuring UI friendly design, robust menu alignment, and tutorials and guides to help you get started quickly.

Matka Bazaar Opening and Closing Time

Check Online Matka Bazar time table (Opening and closing time) for day and night bazaar.

#Company NameOpen TimeClose Time
1KALYAN04:50 pm06:50 pm
2KALYAN NIGHT09:15 pm11:30 pm
3MADHUR DAY01:15 pm02:25 pm
4MADHUR NIGHT08:40 pm10:40 pm
5MADHURI11:45 am12:45 pm
6MADHURI NIGHT06:45 pm07:45 pm
7MAIN BAZAR09:35 pm12:05 am
13MILAN DAY02:15 pm04:15 pm
14MILAN NIGHT09:10 pm11:10 pm
15RAJDHANI DAY03:55 pm05:56 pm
16RAJDHANI NIGHT09:30 pm11:45 pm
17SRIDEVI11:35 am12:35 pm
18SRIDEVI NIGHT07:25 pm08:25 pm
19TIME BAZAR01:00 pm03:15 pm

Online Matka Game Play Rates ( मटका बाजार भाव )

Play Matka Online with the most authentic and trusted online matka application! We provide accurate matka market rates to get started with online matka play.


Single Digit - ₹ 10 Pe ₹ 100
Jodi Digit - ₹ 10 Pe ₹ 1000
Single Pana - ₹ 10 pe ₹ 1400
Double Pana - ₹ 10 Pe ₹ 2800
Triple Panna - ₹ 10 Pe ₹ 7000
Half Sangam - ₹ 10 Pe ₹ 10000


Single Digit - ₹ 10 Pe ₹ 100
Second Pana - ₹ 10 Pe ₹ 1500
Double Pana - ₹ 10 Pe ₹ 3000
Triple Pana - ₹ 10 Pe ₹ 7000

Why Choose Main Kalyan Matka - Online Matka App?

Online matka play implies brainpower and is based on guessing playing format. If you guess right, you definitely win a big amount. Our online satta play app has been the excellent choice for all satta novice and experienced players because we offer them the best interface to guess and win huge amounts through us. Additionally, our experts always strive to make satta play more entrapuring and loving and guess what we become India’s leading online matka play with kalyan tricks and tips to play matka online.

Talking about our fantastic application is designed and developed by a team of brilliant satta matka enthusiasts whereby you experience unique presentiment and quickly learn the in-flaws and out-flaws of matka play. Also our app is backed with various matka play markets and games tips and tricks.

Are you interested in the thrill of matka games? Admire your guessing and unreveal treasure inside the online matka app.

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